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FULL 5 page business website for $385.00!

Have you been thinking about a website but just can't seem to pull the trigger?

I think I have an idea why:

I've noticed that many business owners in the area are still "new" to the idea of the internet as a sales tool. And frankly, putting a website together can be a confusing, expensive task, with NO GUARANTEE that it will get you even ONE ADDITIONAL client. Contrast this with a newspaper ad, where you just have to come up with a few lines of text and a budget and you're done! With a website you have to write several pages , come up with pictures, keyphrases, decide on a hosting package, register with search engines, etc. etc. When I step outside of my role as webmaster, I can see what an unattractive prospect it can be to actually get the ball rolling. So I've come up with what I believe is the perfect solution.

A "test the waters" website package complete with domain name and first year's hosting and search engine optimization for a very low price of $385.00. This package will be based on a choice of 3 "templates" that I've pre-designed, which means less work for me, lower cost for you. My templates, however, are coded to VERY high standards, and full search engine friendliness will be incorporated.

Here's what's included

  • Choice of one of 4 ready-made templates (shown to right): You add logo (or just company name) as well as any pictures or text that you want
  • 4-5 pages - Home, About page, Products or Services, Contact Us, Resources or Links
  • Your own domain name with FREE first year registration
  • One year of Basic Web hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization Available (SEO) (3 phrases maximum/$100 Extra Fee)
  • FREE search engine submission (Google, Yahoo, MSN and approx. 90 others)
  • FREE visitor analysis page
  • Minimum "accessibility" standards
  • 20% off future website upgrade
What this package is NOT is a website "builder." Online website creators typically create very search engine Unfriendly code, and are not typically very attractive. My templates are coded by hand, from scratch, and tested for usability, coding errors, and search engine friendliness.

Complete starter business website package for $385 !