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Getting Started

If you've never had a web site before, all the terminology can be a little daunting. This page is my way of simplifying the process for those of you who have been toying with the idea of getting a web site, know it's the right thing to do, but just need a little clarity. Here's the process below, from start to finish, broken down step by step. Once you've read through the material, feel free to email, call or page me at any time to ask as many questions as you need. Also, if you have us design your site, we will take care of all the tasky details ... like the ones below!

Step 1. My web site Name:

Also called your "Domain Name". . Basically, you need to buy your name from a "registrar", We can handle that for you. Our charge is $12.00 per year or free if you pay for your hosting upfront for one year at at least the "deluxe" level.

Step 2. Point your name in the right direction!

The next step is to set DNS or "Dynamic Name Server" settings. If you're going to have your web site hosted with us, you would use and as your primary and secondary nameservers. This means your name is "pointed" at my server so when someone clicks on they go to your web site hosted on my server. We can handle this step for you for no charge whether you bought your name throught us or not.

Step 3. Give your web site someplace to park itself.

This is called "hosting". Basically, in order for the world to see your web site, it has to exist on a computer (called a server) that the world has access to. If you go the the hosting section of "services", you can view our packages and what they cost. Basically, we have packages as low as $10.00 and as high as $35.00 or more per month. We give discounts on yearly pre-payment as well. Our $22 and $35 per month packages come with 15 and 30 minutes of web maintenance and changes monthly.

Step 4. Create your site!

Now you need to create a site for people to visit that tells the world as simply and completely what your business is about, what you have to offer, what sets you apart and how to purchase your goods or services. You can create your own site using various pieces of software available, but most recommend using a professional. Our web site designs start at $200 and up depending on how complex your site is. In our portfolio section you can see our various web sites and how much a similar site would cost you.

Step 5. Make sure the world knows you exist!

This is called "search engine optimization" and "web site promotion". Basically, once your site is out there, you need to make sure it's targeting your desired clients. If you're selling "Bicycles in New York City", you want your web site to come up when someone searches for .. you guessed it, "Bicycles in New York City". When you have us build your web site, we consult with you concerning your target audience and make sure your web site is positioned for optimum exposure.

So that's basically it. I can expand on each of the 5 steps almost indefinitely, but this should give you a basic idea of the process involved. When you're ready, please call or email. Click HERE

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