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Mobile / Responsive Web Design Options

If you own a mobile phone or iPad type device, you've probably had a hard time navigating many websites. Scrolling side to side, slow loading, navigation menu taking up the whole screen, etc. This is where "responsive" or "mobile" web design comes in.

responsive mobile web design maine

Responsive web design means that one website "responds" differently to different viewing platforms. If you navigate to Zimba Company Website that we built using html5 and css3 coded from scratch. Shrink the browser window and watch the neat things that happen...or view it on your PC and smartphone at the same time.

Another example is View it full size then look at it on a handheld smartphone and notice the difference. is a little different. It only responds if viewed on the appropirate device OR if you manually switch to mobile view via the little icon at the bottom of the page.

Now if a website is robust, with alot of pages, data, pictures, links and content, it may be wise to take another path: Creating a separate smaller website that contains a streamlined collapsable navigation system and compressed content. Using your mobile device, navigate to the mobile version of this website here for an example. I've included only the content more relevant to a handheld smartphone user's experience, providing links to more information if desired.

We'd be happy to speak with you about bringing your website up-to-date. You may be pleasantly surprised how painless a commitment it is.

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