About our Search Engine Optimization Services:

We offer two world-class search engine optimization packages fulfilled by our provider who has service over 25,000 websites. Your website must qualify by having relatively clean, error-free code. We can usually clean up your code here, but this will entail extra work and an extra cost that will be disclosed before work begins. We also reserve the right to reject any website which has content we find objectionable (i.e. porn, online gambling, etc. bascially anything that encourages the world to become a lesser place)

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What is an organic listing?

Organic or natural 'listings' (or results) refers to the regular section of Google, Yahoo or Bing. (not the top, colored "sponsored" results section) For long term promotion, organic optimization offers best return on investment. You can pay by the click for the sponsored section, but it can be extremely expensive and largely unrewarding. Organic placement gets you in the top listings by virtue of smart, thoughtful on and off page optimization techniques that have been used by our techs for over 12,000 clients.

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What is Google (Business) Local?

If you're like most people, you're constantly looking for things in your neighborhood, whether it's restaurants in Portland or a new dentist in Bangor.

'Google/Yahoo Local' returns the equivalent of a mini-website full of information about your store or services including, hours of operation, geographical address, product photos, client reviews and even smart savings 'coupons'. In addition, Google local searches appear at the top of the page, complete with phone number, website, etc. so even if your website doesn't return a top page result for "Dog sitters Winslow Maine," your Google local might appear at the top, which is even BETTER in many cases.

Which program do I need?

Bascially the two programs are nearly identical except that the GetCorporate includes Google/Yahoo Local placement and optimization of 16 pages vs. 10 for the GetFirst.

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GetFirstPage - $798.00 (1 year program)
You have a brand new or existing website and want to rank on the first page of a major engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your website must qualify (90% do) but ranking is 'Guaranteed'.

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GetCorporate - $1,298.00 (1 year program)
You are a local and national business. You need GetFirstPage SEO but also require localized presence on Google, Yahoo (Business) local.

Compare the programs side by side:

All programs at Central Maine Web are 'Full Service', meaning we have everything installed and setup for you by our techs! No need to worry about coding, tracking, installing and/or having to pay your webmaster to do it for you... Easy, affordable and great results!

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Program Get First Page Get Corporate
Price $798.00 $1,298.00
Features Get First Page Get Corporate
First Page Guarantee (not including local maps) Yes Yes
Research and analytics Yes Yes
Number of optimized pages Up to 10 Up to 16
Building Sitemaps (Google XML- Yahoo Feed) Yes Yes
Google, Yahoo Local (Google Maps)   Yes
Reporting & Ownership Get First Page Get Corporate
Comprehensive Keword Position Report Yes Yes
Full Ownership Yes Yes