Whether you choose our Starter Package, a higher end custom made site, or a wordpress based site, our work is checked for coding and spelling errors and setup to be extremely search engine friendly. A few notes about our offerings:
  • Starter Package - $385
    Great choice for getting your feet wet, or where you simply need a brochure style website. Our templates can be viewed on our full website at this link. Includes first year's hosting & domain name registration.
  • Wordpress Package ($ varies)
    Wordpress used to be strictly for blogging but has evolved into a great solution for people who want to maintain their own website and have some custom features that aren't available or affordable with custom websites. In addition, Wordpress constantly updates their product for maximum reliability and security. Many professional looking templates are available for a very custom "look and feel."
  • Custom Design ($ varies)
    This is basically our "starter package" but suits those people who have far more customization requirements involved. Does not include first year's hosting or domain name registration.
  • Mobile / Responsive Website Design ($ varies)
    We can create a smaller sleeker version of your website just for iPhone or tablet users, OR create a "responsive" website which will actually respond and appear according to the device the website is displayed on. And sometimes, a regular website shows up just fine on smaller mobile devices without any further help from us! There are pros and cons to all approaches. Don't let anyone tell you that one is universally better than another. Contact us for a free consultation to see which approach is best for you.
Ready to have us design your web site for you?