Central Maine Web "No Hassle" Guarantee

Web Hosting Guarantee
We invite you to try our services for a full 60 days. If at any point during that 60 days you are unsatisfied with our service, or feel our hosting plans don't meet your needs simply send an email to support@centralmaineweb.com with a brief explanation and we will refund you in full, whether you pre-ordered a month, 3 months or even a full year.

99% Uptime Guarantee
Web servers are nothing more than computers, so occasionally they have problems: no host can guarantee 100% uptime. With our focus being on customer service, we monitor our servers via SiteUptime.com monitoring technology 24/7 and respond immediately so that problems are corrected before you or your visitors would even notice in most cases. Any month your site isn't available 99% of the time we won't bill you for the entire month!

To make sure we recommend using a third party to monitor your site, that way you know for yourself. Most consumers like to use SiteUptime as they provide a graphic based report with a weekly summary that shows your percentage uptime in an easy to read format.

In any month where your site wasn't available 99% of the time, simply send us the report and we will credit you that month free!

Web Design Guarantee
Our web design guarantee is a little different. Creating a web site takes hours or planning, communicating and dilligent coding. Also, designing is "subjective", meaning that what might look great to us could look unsatisfactory to you. That being said, we cannot simply refund $1,000 or more simply because a client doesn't like their web site. Instead, we simply guarantee that we'll do our very best to discover your vision and implement that vision in an attractive, easy to navigate, error free, search engine friendly web site that all of us can be proud of. We will do what we say we're going to do.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) Guarantee
Our "No Hassle" guarantee does not apply to our search engine optimization. SEO is covered under a separate guarantee provided by the company(ies) that provide(s) this service for our clients.

"The Unspeakable" Guarantee!
Now every so often, let's say every 120 years or so, we make ... a MISTAKE!! Our policy should this unspeakable event occur on your services, we will either refund you an appropriate amount or provide you with an appropriate additional service for no charge. We reserve the right to make the judgement call on this. This guarantee does NOT extend to lost business or revenue but is limited to the price of our services.
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