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shopify shopping cart reseller maine Bartering is an age old facet of capitalism that we fully support. We have goodies, you have goodies: Let's trade. It sounds simple but dilligence must be applied by both parties to be sure that each party is receiving equal—or near equal—value. I don't expect an hour of my cropping images and writing html code to be equal to an hour of surgery, nor will I accept an hour of raking leaves in exchange for an hour of writing code.

The simplest way around this issue is to assign a monetary value to the goods or services in question, and not alter or "tweak" those values just because the transaction is barter vs. traditional. I'm not going to tell you my HTML coding is $75 an hour when the last 3 clients have paid $60. I also wouldn't expect a person to assign a price of $10 per LB for the grass fed beef in their freezer when I can get it for $6 per pound nearby.

It should be noted that barter is also a taxable transaction. $100 worth of exchange would be considered $100 income to both parties. If I give $100 worth of hosting services to a person who in turns gives me $100 travel voucher, the IRS views that as if both parties had received $100 in reportable income. See IRS topic 420 here.

A great advantage to bartering is that it enable people to afford things they might not have otherwise been able to afford, and generates business that might otherwise not been generated. For example, I might not spend the money on 20 LBS of grass fed beef, and you might not be ready for a $600 website. But if you have 20 LBS of grass fed beef to offer as partial payment, you might just go ahead with that website, and I'd have my grass fed beef without depleting my family's grocery budget.

Another advantage is that it can preserve cash flow. If you own a wine shop, and I make a $1,000 website and agree to 100% barter, you know that A.) You don't have to shell out $1,000 right away, and B.) Every cent you "paid" for your website is getting spent in your store!

I've had both good and not-so-good luck with barter. But the good experiences outweigh the bad 10-1 and it's such a compelling concept that I just can't resist! So here is my "wish list" of items I'd consider bartering for. These aren't automatic "yes's" but I would consider them strongly.

I'd suggest emailing me first with what you HAVE, what the proposed VALUE is, and what you NEED so that I can do any needed research and have time to offer a well thought out reply or plan. Or call if you need to say something you just can't figure out how to say in an email.

  • Heating & Plumbing
  • Painting & Carpentry
  • Small engine repair
  • 2 stroke engine repair
  • Roofing & Siding
  • Basic handy man skills
  • Automobile detailing or maintenance
  • Legal / other professional
  • Good firewood (preferably delivered)
  • Guitars, amplifiers and other musical equipment
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Equestrian products, especially English saddle, blanket, etc.
  • Anything I can easily sell for an acceptable price
  • Anything else? Feel free to ask!
Gift Cards
  • JC Penney
  • WalMart
  • Home Depot
  • Amazon
  • Local Waterville restaurants
  • Anything else? Feel free to ask!

We love to travel but are very particular when, where and how, so there could be alot of "no's" with this category. We love Disney and cruises right now. We would be traveling as family so we'd need to be 100% sure everything is 'no problem' before we agreed. We would consider a timeshare during the summer at a Maine beach but nothing camping related. Also:
  • Time share weeks (one time or sale)
  • Travel vouchers (case by case)
  • Vacation rentals
  • Airline vouchers
Food & Drink
  • Grass fed beef
  • Organic or "quasi organic" products of nearly any kind
  • Good wine (if investible, should be searchable on Liv-ex)

Anything else you have to offer, don't be afraid to ask!

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