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"GetFirst" SEO Package

Google, Yahoo and Bing ... Your first (and best) line of promotion.

We get you to the top... Over and over...
When we talk about placing your website at the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing, with traffic producing results we are not talking about one, five or even ten first page positions. In fact our assignments often produce hundreds of quality first page ranking placements in major search engines

'GetFirstPage' addresses search engine ranking, ensuring your website's first page presence is always relevant to your service/product and location.

Cost: $798.00
GetFirstPage SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dedicated Technician & One on One Service
Once your order is placed it is assigned to one of our technicians. Within 24 hours your tech is in touch for introduction as well as outlining various assignment procedures.

Your technician will work with you throughout the duration of our assignment and will be your contact point for all questions and input.

Full Installation Included
All programs at Central Maine Web are 'Full Service', meaning we install and setup everything for you! No need to worry about coding, tracking, installing and/or having to pay your webmaster to do it for you... We take care of everything! Keyword Selection, Research and Analytics
Building valid keyword phrases

We proceed with a complete review of your website to determine focus, goals, strength and weaknesses.

We listen to your input (not mandatory but strongly encouraged). We work with all suggested keywords as long as they are related to your website products/services.

We use a number of 'keyword popularity' software and resources.

We run competitive analysis (best in practice competitors).

We use our own internal database which stores more than 12,000 (twelve thousand) completed assignments (that's over 1.2 million keyword phrases ranked and recorded).

Organic Site Optimization (up to 10 pages).
Based on research and analytics, we optimize up to 16 pages within your domain. Preparation includes:

Title tags, meta description, meta keywords and necessary HTML code. Tile tags and meta tags are imperative to most search engines.

Your pages are checked for rich text content and recommendations or corrections are made accordingly. Your index page is hyperlinked to your sitemap which in turn creates a clear path to well defined pages for all search engine spiders and robots to crawl.

This results in top traffic producing rankings.

Building Sitemaps (Google/Bing XML- Yahoo Feed)
Sitemaps are crucial to deep indexing and overall ranking. Our first map is a static HTML page created and installed to link all pages within your website. This map is built based on search engine webmaster requirements and gives spiders/robots a clean and direct path to your pages.

Yahoo Site Feed.
We create a dedicated file covering all accessible pages in your website for accurate indexing. The Feeder file is installed on your server and automatically crawled by Yahoo.

Google/Bing Sitemap.
We create a dedicated XML file which is installed on your server. Direct connection to Google/Bing results in better crawl coverage and fresher search results. Specific information about your web pages is provided to Google/Bing which greatly improves indexing and ranking of all internal pages.

Project Reporting - Comprehensive Keyword Position Report 60 days after marketing, we prepare a detailed 'Keyword Position Report'. Your report is based on results from About, Alexa, AllTheWeb, Alta Vista, AOL, Ask (AskJeeves), Digg, DMOZ, Google, Excite, Lycos, Looksmart, Bing, HotBot, Cuil, Yahoo

Full Ownership
SEO and marketing preparation for your website is yours to keep permanently. You will have complete ownership of all optimized content and documentation generated for your assignment.

Detailed explanation of work performed along with associated files is forwarded on completion for your records.

Let's get started!

Cost: $798.00